Live a Life Free of Pain

I have always been a believer in my body healing itself.  I detest going to doctors as I do not want to treat the symptoms. I want to find out why I have the symptoms and then address that.

What are the underlying causes of my symptoms?  Our bodies have millions of intelligent cells that are influenced by thoughts, feelings and other outside energies.  When these systems become ‘out of whack’ it is the beginning of symptoms brought on by this imbalance.

Every part of our bodies are made of energy.  Balancing that energy becomes crucial in our living a life of vitality and longevity.  I believe that our goal is to have all of these ‘systems of being’ working together and becoming balanced and flowing. We are then on our way to perfect health!

As we live and ‘life happens’, there are energies that affect us and sometimes these get trapped in our bodies.  These trapped energies cause distortions in our energy field and over time cause blockages.   These energy blockages can express as pain, discomfort and eventually, dis-ease.

It is not required that we live in pain!  I believe that anytime there is pain there is some imbalance that is causing it.  I have been trained in a system that identifies and releases blockages in our bodies, which in turn allows our bodies to balance themselves.

This system is called the Emotion Code. I discovered this when I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk due to an issue with my foot.  I had tried all types of remedies including alternative medicine and then found the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and read the book.  I decided to seek out an Emotion Code Practitioner and over the period of a couple of months she helped to remove imbalances and my foot is now perfect. In fact here is a picture of me a couple of months later after running my first half marathon for my 60th birthday.


I became certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner and am so excited that I get to help other people with this type of healing. The amazing thing about this system is that anybody can do it.  You can remove trapped emotions from yourself, friends, family, and even your pets just by getting the book and teaching yourself.  The best part is that this healing can be done in person, remotely over the phone or through email.  Learn more from this free pdf copy of the Emotion Code:

Emotion Code PDF

I give you this gift because I want everyone to be able to live freer and healthier lives.  I know that some of you will want to go to an Emotion Code Practitioner instead of working on yourself as I did, so for you, I am here to be of service.  Set up Emotion Code Consultation

Are you ready to release your pain?





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