Communication between Our Hearts and Brains

When our heart feels an emotion, it sends a signal to the brain and the brain responds to that emotion. Positive emotions send out a more regular, rhythmic and orderly signal to the brain.
In the presence of positive emotions such as gratitude, love and caring, there is a sense of well being. These emotions produce a lowering of stress hormones which boosts the immune system. Once that happens our anti aging properties increases.
When feeling a negative emotion or stress, the heart sends a signal of chaos and this may be stored within the energy body or layered as a heart wall. As the energy body becomes imbalanced due to blockages, we begin to experience symptoms like pain, fatigue, inflammation, and disease.
My practice of healing releases trapped and tangled emotional energies, which in turn enables the body to balance and heal itself.
To find out what is possible for you, schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation here or email me at

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