Tangled Energies

rachmad sofyan12

Most of my clients come to me with great amounts of pain. Typically they’ve already exhausted traditional medicine and are desperate for relief.

Most people don’t understand that pain and disease starts in the energy body, and then manifests in the physical body. Everything that affects the physical body must first pass through the energy body.

Most of us pay attention primarily to is the physical body. When was the last time you went for an energy body physical? By the time people come to me, their energy bodies most often have layers of tangled energy blockages that are deep and thick.

As you can imagine, it may take some time to get through this maze of tangled and layered energy. The physical body heals by expelling disturbed energy and restoring balance.

Most of the time, when first working with a client, changes start happening almost immediately. It’s a wonderful moment to see the hope in their eyes and smile on their face as they realize that relief is possible.

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