Ways to Stop Leaking and Losing Your Spiritual Energy


Some of the most common reasons for energy leaking found in the wisdom writings include:

1.) Body-mind exhaustion due to overdoing and failure to add relaxation to our schedule. An exhausted body-mind becomes filled with holes and energy drains away. Create time for relaxation and creativity.

2.) Dis-ease of the physical body. When we’re overdoing and stressed, our immune system weakens and we develop disease easily.

3.) Excess emotional reactions. A cognitive neuroscientist wrote, “The ability to regulate one’s strength of emotional response is highly adaptive: it stops us from investing too much energy into [certain] things.” When you speak with anger, for example, you loose your calm presence and energy drains as painful regrets follow.

4.) Losing contact with natural happiness, reverie and joy. Living too much in the serious and critical mental world leaves us significantly drained. Add some playful distraction and enjoyment.

5.) Rigid, strongly held beliefs or opinions. Gripping tightly and unyielding to those things hardens your attitude, creates friction, and drains energy. Try to take an open-minded stance and remain pliable, flexible, and connect with others.

6.) Unclear boundaries and relationships. Seeing your relationships clearly and defined is important, because using or being used by other people depletes your energy.

7.) Mindless, unconscious chatter, speech, or gossip. Idle conversation can be depleting. Don’t forget to take in silence and recharge yourself.

Other energy leaks include addictions, wrong practices, eating the wrong foods, feeling over-whelmed, feeling out-of-control, not feeling cared for, and many other situations in our modern world.

A good way to add energy to your life can found in relaxing walks through nature. Take the time to disconnect from the stress and exercise the body, mind, and soul. Deep breathing, relaxing in peaceful settings while enjoying the beauty of nature works wonders on many levels.

When you wake up, stretch and feel gratitude, imagine yourself being revitalized with energy and light. Connect with something spiritually higher. Do something nice for yourself and smile to those you meet. It brings happiness to others and you’ll feel your energy increase.

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