Healing, Faith, and Science

Faith1 Lori Affirmation June 2017

With lightning-fast advances in science and technology, we’re living in a time of advanced wonder and medical breakthroughs. With so much negative news surrounding us, it can seem like we’re living in an unsafe world, full of disheartening stories, disappointment, and fear, which tends to diminish our faith. Faith is a tremendously important part of our adapting, overcoming, and reacting positively to the world around us.  

When people lose faith, it’s easy to react with anger, impatience, feel trapped, get mad, and live in disappointment and fear. People without faith close their minds to the help of God and the universe reaching out to them. They live in bleakness, cut off from hope and optimism, until finally falling into despair. Our thoughts and beliefs direct the body’s intricate systems to function and stay healthy, reacting to all symptoms and conditions, and manifesting solutions. Faith saturates our belief system, nurturing and healing the body and mind, while transforming the spirit.

“Whatever I am perceiving out there I will manifest a physical complement to it in here. So if I have a healthy vision, my mind’s chemistry converts my body into health. If I live in fear… Fear causes 90% of the illness on the planet. And it’s all generated by the perceptions of the mind. The picture you hold in your mind creates the behaviour and biology you express in life.” – Bruce Lipton

You deserve to heal; you deserve to be happy and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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