Healing Childhood Trauma


lori retro beach

Have you noticed patterns of difficult situations that keeps repeating itself throughout your life? Or been surprised by your reaction or unskillful behavior?  In a sense, the psychic dramas which circulate through our energy fields are expressions of unresolved stories from the past. The energy is very real, but the actual events are often long gone.

Emotions and energy resonates through the mind/body/soul – much like striking a chord on a guitar. When that energy vibrates within a person’s consciousness field, it’s possible to shift it, unfreezing the trapped energy within the psyche – as long as we don’t become attached to the story surrounding it. The Emotion Code / Body Code is designed to do just that.

My name is Lori Arveson and I use the Emotion Code / Body Code and Energy Healing to release trapped and tangled energies that affect our emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.

To find out what is possible for youschedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation here or visit my website at www.ExpertPainHealing.com or email me at LoriArveson@gmail.com.


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