Seeking Peace in Nature

Nature has a way of moving us into another realm, one that moves us to drop our problems and surrender to the pulse of its magnificence.

As humans, we spend much of our lives trying to control things around us, manipulating our environment, and asserting our wills to make things happen.

When entering into nature, notice the change of energy, the rustling of leaves, the sound of water, birds singing, or the quiet withdrawal of noise from the human world.

The next time you find yourself in nature, I invite you to stop and look around, listen and feel yourself being swept up and calmed in the energy of the wildlife and beauty that covers this earth. And teaching our children to respect and appreciate this gift is something they can always cherish.

Breathing in nature reminds us of the deep and quieter part of ourselves, and honors the mystery and wild beauty of our souls.

My name is Lori Arveson and I use the Emotion Code / Body Code and Energy Healing to release trapped and tangled energies that affect our emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.

To find out what is possible for youschedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation here or visit my website at or email me at

Lori rock on Salmon River

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