Hypnosis for Weight Management

I offer a hypnosis-based weight management process that breaks the diet cycle and shifts your brain at the deepest level to end old behavior patterns and build healthy new habits that transform your life.

The main reason we struggle with weight lies in the way the mind is set up.  Your mind is divided into the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is much smaller than the subconscious, comprising less than ten percent of our active brain, and this is our analytical mind, the brain’s “willpower” center. This is the part of our mind that ‘puts us on a diet,’ has us read all the diet cookbooks, signs up for the gym membership, and is ready to fit into skinny jeans.

The subconscious mind comprises over ninety percent of the brain function, and this is the part of our deeper mind where our habits, beliefs, memories and creativity exists.

This massive subconscious is the part of the mind that works hard to keep things going just as they are, and has gotten used to the fattening habits that keep you at your present weight. This is the part of the mind that feels that crunchy, salty, or sugary foods are great for relieving stress, thinks deep down you are a failure, and could care less about your gym membership, your juice fast or skinny jeans.

What happens when we go on a diet? The 10% conscious/ willpower brain starts us out  “being good”, but eventually, sometimes sooner, sometimes later—that 90% subconscious mind pulls us into the same old “bad” behaviors. That’s why diets don’t work in the long term.

Because our habits and behaviors are located in our subconscious mind, this is the part of our mind that we must access to create real, long-lasting changes. This part of our brain runs on automatic. Whenever we are faced with a new situation, our mind — faster than the blink of an eye — goes to this same place to find information (negative and positive behavioral patterns) on how we have reacted to this same or similar situation in the past.


Hypnosis is a relaxed mind technique that allows the resistant-to-change subconscious mind become open to ideas of change. In the state of hypnosis, suggestions can be given to the deeper mind and begin to focus the mind towards new beliefs and habits that are in line with weight release and mastery. With hypnosis, we’re able to harness the power of 100% of the mind to work with us to release weight and keep it off permanently.

My name is Lori Arveson and I use hypnosis strategies to re-program the subconscious mind specializing in weight management and smoking cessation.

To find out what is possible for youschedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation here, visit my website at www.loriarveson.com or email me at LoriArveson@gmail.com.


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