Do You Live By Default or By Purpose?

You are as powerful as your level of awareness, understanding and knowledge of how to work with Universal laws and energy. Your only responsibility is to learn to understand them, to cultivate a deep relationship with them, to learn processes, and to practice them consistently to affect change. 

You truly have that power within you!

You are creating every moment of your life. Everything in this Universe is energy. We are this energy. Our thoughts, words, actions, intentions, and dreams transmit through this energy and generate a magnet of attraction for more of all that we are. Do you want more of what you are and have, or do you want something different??

Begin the practice of changing your energy by creating a new commentary about your life and learn how to use your imagination to create change. The Universe will magnetically respond to this new vibration.

The first step is to be aware of what you’re noticing. As you view your life and the changes you desire, are you able to step back and identify the unwanted thoughts, intentions, habits and patterns present in your life? We know our thoughts and words are powerful. Are you thinking and speaking positively about the circumstances in your life.  Or do you focus your attention on what’s wrong or negative? Do you feel gratitude for what is good in your life and the world, or are you always complaining?

Universal energy will magnetically return to you more of what you focus on. Change your focus and change your world!

If you’re looking to make a meaningful impact with your life and discover ways to live a joyful life, contact me today so we can discuss whether my services are the right fit for you. Schedule your free chat now.

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