About Lori

Lori had a thriving, successful career in management, but she always felt something was missing. She knew there must be more to life than just working hard and accumulating things, so she began to study conscious living and how to create a dynamic life.


She has spent over two decades studying personal growth and development, and believes that true health and prosperity comes from within. As a seeker of knowledge, she has always been fascinated by the way our minds work and how we can use that knowledge to create the life we desire.


After studying various forms of energy manifestation, Lori decided to focus on learning the most cutting-edge techniques available. She studied some of the world’s top teachers in this field, including Master Stephen Co, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Lori is a trained Body/Emotion Code practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, PSYCH-K® facilitator, and Life Mastery Coach with a lifelong passion for seeking out timeless perennial philosophy.


As an energy healer and a Psych-K facilitator Lori helps others to transform their limiting beliefs. Her clients have remarkable results and changes happen in their lives as a result of her work. Lori is dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential and live a life of ultimate prosperity.

When she’s not helping others create their dream lives, she loves spending time with her friends and family, or you can find her on a mountain top or enjoying outdoor activities and exploring the world.
Working with Lori enabled me to access and address core wounds that led to a lifetime of creating stories and beliefs that had kept me stuck. Gen
I feel like a whole new person physically and mentally after working with Lori. I cannot recommend her enough. KL
Lori is highly intuitive and sensitive. She helped me get to the root of issues that have been holding me back. I am feeling more empowered and hopeful since I began working with her. BL

“Since 2011, my neck felt as if it would snap it was so tight and a lot of back pain, mostly upper back. It prevented me from doing things like painting my apartment, and at work it was exhausting and really affected my daily activities. I really appreciated the connection between the emotions that were trapped in the body and the pain level. I could feel my body loosen up as you were working on me.  After only 4 sessions my pain level went from an 8 down to a 2 and things are opening up for me. Loving life right now.” Mary


“I have had chronic back pain for about 25 years.  I did one Emotion Code session with Lori and my back felt better right after session.  I woke up the next morning and my back was still feeling good.  We did a few more sessions and it has now been two months and I have had no back pain.  I was a skeptic but I am not a skeptic anymore.  Thank you Lori and the Emotion Code, you changed my life”  Rich