Connecting with your Body for Wholeness & Wellness

A Powerful Way to Connect with Your Body for Wholeness & Wellness.
Due to the difficulties happening around the world right now, please accept this 26 minute complete immersion audio at a special discounted price of $4.90 USD.

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Many of our issues are caused by deep seated core beliefs, perceptions and assumptions that have been collected over time in our lives. In this audio we use a hypnotherapy technique to help you discover, and in turn automatically start to change to a different set of beliefs, perceptions and assumptions that are more in line with what you know is right for you now. You then, are in control of those positive changes that in the past were seemingly impossible to change. Find out more deeply who you really are, and begin to transform all that doesn’t work in your life.

This specific audio is about connecting with your body in a way that opens a path to discover ways to have a connection with your body to help create wholeness and wellness. You will be prompted to relax and I encourage you to allow yourself to just let go and drift as it takes you on a journey that is specifically and completely yours alone. No two people have the same experience because no two people are exactly alike.

Once the audio is complete you will have a choice to either continue with your day or sleep. Whichever you choose, please know that you may start having moments of awareness as you process and begin releasing and making changes within yourself. future.

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When is Anxious too Anxious?

From time to time we ALL feel anxious about something. It could be fear of heights, first day at a new job, the dentist, or speaking to a group in public. Some of that anxiety helps us to keep focused and learn how to confront our fears. However, when this anxiety interferes with work, keeps us awake at night, or avoiding certain situations and not enjoying life, we are dealing with something else entirely.

Phobic symptoms can be debilitating and sometimes occur merely by thinking about it.

These include:

Dizziness, trembling and increased heart rate
A sense of unreality
Fear of dying
Preoccupation with the fear object

No one should have to endure the anxiety and possible terror that these fears and phobias cause.

Association is a key characteristic of fears and phobias and is the element that needs to be broken in order to overcome them. Hypnosis along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a perfect way to reprogram the subconscious and overcome fears and phobias, gaining confidence and healthy behavioral patterns.

If you want to live a life without limits and overcome your fears, anxieties and phobias, and find out what’s possible for you, schedule your strategy session now.