Hypnosis Services

When change happens at the subconscious level, it happens easily and naturally, eliminating the frustration and focus required when “trying” and “struggling” with conscious focused energy.

Hypnosis enables us to “rewrite” underlying “scripts” – ideas, illusions and beliefs that we have about ourselves in order to affect the programming within us in a positive way and achieve our goals.

My name is Lori Arveson and I use hypnosis strategies to help re-program the unconscious mind helping people to make positive changes needed in their lives.

To find out what is possible for you, schedule a 45 minute complimentary consultation below or, call at 971-800-1560 or email me at LoriArveson@gmail.com.

My experience with Lori literally changed my day to day life

I had gone through a very difficult life transition and the anxiety was hanging on and I couldn’t quite shake it. I would wake up in the morning with a sensation of dread in my chest and carry it through my whole day with me. I meditated, prayed and talked with a counselor and still, I had this anxious feeling constantly.

Then I spent an hour with Lori and talked, listened and cried. It as a release that I had needed for quite some time. It has been about 3 weeks now and I wake up with a sense of renewed optimism and no anxiety at all.

Thank you Lori!


I’m so grateful to heal from my wounding

Ever since I was young I would start to feel anxious and worried, becoming more frightened with this initial anxiety, trying to resist it, and finding it would increase with thoughts of being on my own, alone in it. The anxiety would turn to panic and I would become absorbed with thoughts about the feeling. I wouldn’t be able to drop into sleep… so the sleeplessness compounded my suffering and my sense of helplessness.

I feel this session helped me touch important truths within myself and gave me a felt sense of knowing that this pattern that caused me such suffering at its root has been an emergent defense to be there for myself albeit not meeting the need for connection, compassion, empathy, safety, inclusion and understanding. I feel more integrated and more aware of these needs.

I felt the shifts in my energy, my body and my thinking (after working with you). I am so grateful that I have been willing to do the work to heal from my wounding and I will continue to my last day in this lifetime to know that there is more life and connection available to me.


More grounded and calm…

I tried a number of different therapy options over the last 20 years… and now I’m definitely more grounded, feeling more calm, the roller coaster is settling down.
My experience with Lori was pleasant, reassuring and calming. I felt comfortable sharing deep emotional responses.