Thank you, Lori. I am so grateful for having you in my life. The time you spend helping me is fundamental to my healing and growing. It is a rare skill and ability. Thank you from the entirety of my heart. David

Working with Lori helped me to become free..I am a ‘different person’…I am lighter, more spacious, more vital and joyful. Luc

Lori is highly intuitive and sensitive. She helped me get to the root of questions and issues that have been holding me back….allowing me to come up with solutions to help me move forward. SL

I have been able to go deeper and deeper with Lori to access limiting beliefs, transform them, and create new feelings of love and optimism I’ve spent a lifetime seeking. GS

Every day I am able to overcome more and more fears and obstacles that have been holding me back for years. It was such a joy to work with Lori and she helped me so much.

 Saw Lori for chronic back issues and we worked on that as well as many other issues. I feel like a whole new person physically and mentally after working with Lori. My pain is now gone, I cannot recommend her enough. – Katie

Lori is Amazing! She was able to help me get rid of pain I’ve had for more than 20 years. I can’t believe how much better I feel and also how much more energy I have at the end of the day. Thank you Lori, You ROCK! – Toby



You will not regret one moment or one penny spent with Lori. I experienced her modality after I made a conscious choice to release from my body all that I had been holding that no longer served me. It turned out to be an incredibly painful process as old beliefs, agreements, and unexpressed feelings began to make their way out. Once I did my own consciousness work around the information and lessons revealed, I knew I needed more assistance in moving the trapped energy completely out. Working with Lori and the Emotion Code and Body Code has been life saving for me. Her kindness, gentleness, and true desire to bring relief, along with her skill as an Emotion Code practitioner, have assisted in me regaining my vitality, clarity, movement, and groundedness, as well as making peace with my past, even generations ago. I am so deeply grateful. – Alison

On a personal level, Lori is super-easy to work with. She is pleasant, empathic / intuitive, very efficient and flows so smoothly with the tools she employs (Emotion & Body Codes) to release trapped emotions. My pain level dropped dramatically after our first session. Like peeling away the layers of an onion, I know that I need several more sessions to clear out the emotional backlog I have accumulated, but life is all one step at a time.  – George


I’ve been riddled with severe back pain for years. It’s been amazing how much better my back has felt plus I feel stronger, freer and lighter. Lori is a major healer on the planet. – Susan



If you wish to get rid off your pains and problems in your life without you doing much, other than spending some 30-45 minutes with Lori on phone, this is for you! Deep rooted emotions that are stuck in our body systems are the main cause of unwanted situation in our lives. This is treatment is based on Dr Bradley Nelson’s pain relief method. It is not limited to body pain relief though. I was stuck in some areas of life, that too was released. Besides, Lori is fun to be around. She is to the point and genuinely caring. You will be happy to connect with her. Do give yourself this gift. Thank you Lori! – Archanaa

Lori has a gift for connecting her knowledge to your healing process. I highly recommend taking a chance on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! – Heather