Transform Your Life With PSYCH-K®

Do you ever wish you had more control over your life, the direction it’s going and how to get there? You’re not alone and you’re in the right place.

My name is Lori Arveson and I use PSYCH-K® processes to help you transform your beliefs and create a life without limitations. Discover your true potential in life.

While using PSYCH-K® I help you empower yourself to become that person you want to be. The person who is confident, self assured, and moves through life easily and effortlessly. It’s easy once you learn to transform beliefs that are not supporting you in a positive way!

I can tell you this works because I’m speaking from personal experience. When I found PSYCH-K® I felt like my life was stuck. I was anxious and fearful about life and struggling to move forward. The minute I heard about PSYCH-K® I knew it was right for me. I am now confident, self assured and ready to conquer things in my life that I thought would never be able to do. And as a facilitator I get to help others feel the joy and success I now enjoy.

Are you ready to take charge of your life in a way that’s right for you?

It all begins right here!

Not sure if PSYCH-K® is right for you? Let’s schedule a time to chat below. If you prefer please email me at

Got To The Root of Issues.

Lori is highly intuitive and sensitive. She helped me get to the root of questions and issues that have been holding me back for years.

A Life Changer..

Working with Lori has been a life changer. I have a greater sense of well being, peace….a healthier and happier me. No more panic or depression….I feel safe and supported

Extremely Powerful and Helpful!

Lori has a very high skill and insight, making her an amazing facilitator. She has helped our family tremendously. I’ve tried so many things over the years and really felt that her work has been extremely powerful and helpful. I highly recommend working with her.

It Really Works!

I recommend PSYCH-K® to anyone who’s ready for a better life but feels held back in some way. It really works!


More grounded and calm…

I tried a number of different therapy options over the last 20 years… and now I’m definitely more grounded, feeling more calm, the roller coaster is settling down.
My experience with Lori was pleasant, reassuring and calming. I felt comfortable sharing deep emotional responses.