The Ability of the Mind to Heal

I just saw Dr. Bruce Lipton speak on the way our subconscious mind reprograms the body this week, and his breakthrough research in how the human mind thinks, shapes behavior, and manifests is so amazing, I wanted to share this with you.

According to the newest gene science, it’s our belief system, and not our family genes, that shapes and programs our reality and affects our behavior. In fact, he’s proven through advanced cell research that our minds and thoughts affect our very health at the cellular level, as well as the body’s ability to fight disease, heal, and repair itself. 

Just like his research on the power of the subconscious mind, the Emotion / Body Code recognizes these patterns created in the mind and systematically releases the tangled energy of these dysfunctional belief patterns that create and feed the negative self-talk loops that are cycling through our minds and lives as discouraging chatter.

Using the Emotion/ Body Code, we identify and release the underlying trapped emotional energies causing health conditions, disease, pain and discomfort. Many of us inherit generational fatalistic beliefs, emotional pain, curses, trapped emotions and traumatic stress handed down from our family ancestors. Emotion / Body Code is the ideal system to identify and release these debilitating energies. 

One of the important follow-up tools I recommend for everyone, is the use of positive affirmations to help create new pathways and reinforce change and healing. These positive affirmations direct our thoughts and the body’s natural ability to heal itself, bringing happiness and well-being into our lives.

You deserve to heal; you deserve to be happy and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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