Psych-K Sessions

One hour private Zoom online PSYCH-K® sessions consisting of brief discussions about:

  • Your specific area of challenge
  • Your intention of how you want your life to be different 
  • I guide you through the PSYCH-K® transformation process  
  • We evaluate and continue to use the PSYCH-K® process to expand and increase the depth of your transformation

The flow and specifics of each session is unique and tailored to you. You’re commitment to take action to to observe the differences and to support your new subconscious beliefs are key to your rapid transformation experience.

Not sure if PSYCH-K® is right for you? Let’s schedule a time to chat below. Or, if you prefer please email me at

Single Sessions and Package Pricing Available

Everyone is unique and most people will want more than one session to help in all areas of their lives.

Single sessions

  • $175 per session


Four sessions:

  • $600 paid in full or
  • 2 payments of $310 each (2nd payment due before third session).

Six sessions:

  • $810, paid in full or
  • 2 payments of $425 each (2nd payment due before fourth session).

Eight sessions:

  • $1000, paid in full or
  • 3 payments of $350 each (2nd payment due before third session, 3rd payment due before sixth session).

“PSYCH-K® and Lori has helped me so much. I am now able to overcome more and more fears and obstacles that have been holding me back for years. Jen

“My experience with Lori has been profound…Lori is caring, thoughtful, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!” Debbie