Feeling Good – Ultimate Health Package


$839 prepaid or 3 payments of  $289 each
Twelve Body Code sessions
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Great for those experiencing medium to long term chronic pain.
Expect a reduction or elimination of pain and possible changes
in other health issues and/or overall well being      
This package includes:

  • One-20 minute Wellness Evaluation:
    • overall health
    • heart messages communication with tissues, indicating a possible “heart wall”.
    • immune system function
  • Twelve– 30-minute Body Code sessions
    • Discovery and elimination of trapped emotions, imbalances and other reasons for imbalances in the body
  • Digital version of The Emotion Code e-book
  • Heart Wall Clearing sessions which will be performed during our regular sessions.
    • most people have a ‘wall’ around their heart which creates issues of all kinds in our emotional lives and our physical health.
  • An emailed report of the releases completed at each session