Do you have a protective wall around your heart?

abstract heart

Have you ever been hurt, or had a need to protect yourself emotionally?


Heart-wall emotions

The subconscious mind is responsible for keeping the heart safe and it can use trapped emotions to build a shelter around your heart. Trapped emotions are like layers of an onion and these unique layers build the heart-wall.

Easily the most powerful organ in our body, the heart generates 60 to 10,000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than our brain and is at the core of who we are. The heart has physiological links with emotions, the immune system, and our subtle energy body. Vulnerable, it needs protection during times of high stress trauma to keep from ‘being broken.’ We sometimes build ‘heart-walls’ to protect and shield ourselves, putting up an energetic wall, literally.*

Science acknowledges that cutting off the inflow and smothering the energetic mechanisms can have negative effects. Love energy passes through those layers and, when it extends out to the other person, it isn’t pure love anymore, it’s something else. Heart-walls block the ability to give and receive love. It often creates depression, loneliness and isolation, hesitancy, inability to react, blocks your success, spiritual growth, intimacy, and even contributes to pain, heart attacks and disease.

Removing these trapped emotional heart walls have brought great relief and restored vital energy to so many people. Contact me at, or 971-800-1560 for a no cost 15 minute phone consultation to determine what is possible for you.

*from ‘Vibrational Medicine, Subtle Energy Therapies,’ by Richard Gerber, M.D.


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